We saw you on the cliff, as you dived into the Mediterranean. Your face was calm and strong. Your body was tense, just before you dived. Your skin was radiant and had all the energy of the air, the plants, the sea and the rocks. It was in perfect equilibrium. And Aeqium began to exist.

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Aeqium, science for skin health.

Dermocosmetics, from the outside, and nutraceuticals, from the inside, combine highly technological active ingredients with powerful antioxidants from Mediterranean plants. A scientific answer, born from the close cooperation of doctors and scientists, to give you beautiful skin.

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Improve your skin in 15 days. Try our Discovery Set, with supplements and natural dermocosmetics, for a 15-day journey to discover the true beauty of your skin. The simplest way to prove the effectiveness of Aeqium.

✔ The Face Cleanser (15ml)
✔ The Face Cream (15ml)
✔ The Body Cream (15ml)
✔ Boost-Purify (15 morning tablets + 15 evening tablets)


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Il Grande Inverno
The Great Winter

It's almost time for the italian legend to come true. Are you ready to protect yourself from the most known thermal shock of the year, without risk...

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Glow & the city
Glow & the city

Make-up meets skincare: on the wishlist of make-up artists is boosting the skin's glow. And for the first time, it's not just makeup or illuminants.

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L'equilibrio è tutto
Balance is Everything

Stability between elements and harmony between our organs is the basis of our beauty. Let's see together how to embrace the concept of equilibrium,...

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