We saw you on the cliff, as you dived into the Mediterranean. Your face was calm and strong. Your body was tense, just before you dived. Your skin was radiant and had all the energy of the air, the plants, the sea and the rocks. It was in perfect equilibrium. And Aeqium began to exist.

Healthy Skin: your skin in equilibrium.

Our idea of beautiful skin is bound to the concept of healthy skin. Vital, hydrated and radiant is the best skin you could wish for, at any age. And Aeqium’s philosophy is to achieve that by acting on the equilibrium of the entire body, inside and outside.

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Aeqium, science for skin health.

Dermocosmetics, from the outside, and nutraceuticals, from the inside, combine highly technological active ingredients with powerful antioxidants from Mediterranean plants. A scientific answer, born from the close cooperation of doctors and scientists, to give you beautiful skin.

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Aeqium Treatment: your best skin, in two phases.

The Aeqium beauty routine is articulated in two phases, purifying and nourishing, that have been developed on the basis of skin physiology and the equilibrium of the entire organism.

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