When Mediterranean beauty meets Science: interview to Alla Reitsma

Her cosmetic expertise and aesthetic sensibility have guided her in choosing only the best natural antioxidant ingredients in the world: she is Alla Reitsma, co-founder of Aequim, who in this interview with journalist Valentina Debernardi, tells why she has focused on looking for the best active ingredients, such as hydroxytyrosol, one of the most powerful antioxidant molecules.

Inspired by the Italian sense of beauty and by the excellence of craftsmanship, Alla Reitsma shares with us the path that led her to create, together with Francesco and Nicola Balestrieri, a super effective skincare line, unique in its kind, which combines the In&Out effects of dermocosmetics and nutraceuticals.

Discover all the secrets of the effectiveness of Aeqium in the video: the circadian rhythms, the synergy between the ingredients, the plus of having "dermo-affine" skincare. To have the best possible care for your skin.

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