A lesson in Chronobiology

To be at its most beautiful, your skin needs different attention and products in the morning and evening. Here is a calendar to print and stick on the wall to remind yourself of the basic steps of a perfect beauty routine.

Just like in life, different things happen inside our skin during the day and night, in the fall and spring, and this results in just as many different needs. The science that studies how skin behaves based on the weather is actually called Chronobiology, a science that was even crowned with a Nobel Prize in 2017.

At the base of it all there is the great discovery that our cells work differently following the input of the "Clock genes": while in the morning they protect the epidermis from all external attacks such as ultraviolet rays or pollution, in the evening they move to regenerate what has been damaged. In short: they wake up while we sleep.

Therefore, starting from the assumption that stress and fatigue negatively affect both the beauty of the skin and the proper functioning of the body, Aeqium has studied a treatment program In & Out, with pre and probiotics combined with cosmetic formulas, taking into account the circadian rhythm and metabolic processes related to it.

It's kind of like the job of a watchmaker trying to re-synchronize the gears to make a Rolex work. The gears are our cells, the tools are hormones and supplements, and the hands are the physiology of the skin.

Thus was born a new concept of beauty, based on time and the harmony of the microbiota: using the right cosmetics and supplements at the right time of day gives better aesthetic results. That's why our Purify-Boost supplements are divided into Day and Night: two formulas with ingredients designed for the morning and ingredients designed for the evening.

Over the course of 24 hours, in fact, the skin must be assisted, following its main needs. Let's see them together:

From 6 to 9 am
The sun rises, the light enters through the windows and through the optic nerve activates cortisol, a hormone that puts the cells on alert: upon waking up, the skin begins to raise its protective barriers against UV, preparing itself for a hyper active day. Cleansing at this time of day is more effective: the skin is more receptive and better assimilates cosmetic ingredients such as vitamins PP and E, hyaluronic acid and hydroxytyrosol present in the formulas of Face Cleanser and Face Cream Aeqium. Plus, a supplement with probiotics (gut-friendly bacteria) like our Boost Purify Morning is most effective taken during this time of day.

From 14 to 20
The skin hydration curve begins to drop after lunch. This is why you should reapply your face moisturizer and, if possible, your body moisturizer after your evening shower. In the Aeqium Face Cream and Body Cream, in fact, there is a special oil-soluble vitamin C that has both a powerful anti-aging and brightening effect and the ability to stimulate collagen production. A mix of qualities perfect for plumping up the skin.

From 8 pm to midnight
The epidermis reaches its minimum limit of resistance at 8 pm, when the sun has already set. Its sensory fragility is at its highest levels and this is the ideal time for a facial massage, for an extra dose of rehydration and for a supplement that with its ingredients promotes detoxification and the return of those components useful to restore firmness and tone to the skin. Like our Boost Purify Evening with hyaluronic acid, bamboo sap extract for collagen and elastin production; and milk thistle and green tea extract for toxin expulsion.

A ritual sensitive to all those metabolic processes such as hydration, perspiration, blood flow, sebum production, and regularization of temperature and pH. To give maximum attention to the skin and its needs, in that particular moment of the day, and looking at the person at 360°. As a connected system of actions and reactions, as it deserves that great mystery of which we are bearers called life.

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