Tanning: today's rules and tomorrow’s opportunities

What can we do right now to make the most of the sun without stressing our skin? And what are the latest studies and innovations that scientific research has to offer? Most importantly, there is one unimaginable thing we need to pay close attention to.

First, now it is well established that skin health is linked to the gut microbiome, which is why we need to support it with dietary supplements and a good diet. The international trend agency Beauty Streams, in fact, has just stated that the demand for products that support the immune system will continue to grow in 2022: "Consumers are more aware of their important role not only against COVID-19, but also in maintaining health in general". Nicola Balestrieri, onco-plastic surgeon, and co-founder of Aeqium, always speaks about connection of skin beauty with skin health. By improving the immune system, and first of all the environment in which it is formed, i.e. the microbiome, the skin's tone, radiance and texture also improve.
Secondly, there are Smart devices, even wearable as jewelry, that monitor the intensity of the sun's rays and their risk degree, which should inform our decision regarding the sun protection to use. In the future, this kind of tools will be integrated with other Apps and/or monitoring systems such as fitness or pollution, providing us us a complete environmental and physical analysis.

Another novelty is the increasingly personalized cosmetic sun formulas: super-creamy or ultra-light textures, anti-imperfection or anti-aging ingredients, glow or matte effects, sprays or non-sprays, and even water-resistant formulas for those who prefer sea to the mountains or countryside. This jungle of offers can make us lose track of the essential: to clean and nourish the skin thoroughly, morning and evening. Perhaps the best method is to buy an excellent sun filter without worrying about getting the benefits of a face cream from it. Instead combine this type of sun protection with a good skin care with moisturizing benefits, which should be applied before sun filter. And when you get home, after the shower, when the skin is no longer stressed by the sun, and the body can relax, don’t forget to clean and nourish your skin. This way you respect for the circadian day-night rhythm, and it favors the natural cellular regeneration inside the skin.

Either way, we'll be back to enjoying vacations in beautiful places. But beware: our mental attitude to work has changed, and we risk transforming the 5-star resort into an open-air coworking space. We need to give ourselves limits, to avoid making our body produce too much cortisol, the stress hormone, and adrenaline, which would add to the harmful effect of masks, MASKNE, worsening the state of epidermis health. Calm and tranquility, along with a face cream rich in antioxidants and soothing substances, are another secret to make the skin stronger in summer.

We asked Serena Pezzetta, dermatologist of the team Aeqium what is the most important rule to never forget: "Sun exposure should be done gradually, so I recommend starting with a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, better if water resistant if you go to the sea destination. In addition: expose yourself to the sun for less time and more frequently, avoid staying in the sun from 12 to 16, and equip yourself with a lip stick with sunscreen because after months in masks the area around your lips is sensitized and dehydrated.

But is there a maximum tanning point beyond which you just can't go? "Absolutely yes: there is for each of us, it is subjective and it is very important to respect it. It's useless to think that you can achieve a bronze color if your skin has a light phototype. You have to give up because otherwise, by exposing yourself in a wild way, you will pay the price maybe years later with skin diseases of different nature. There is, however, a secret to intensify the natural tan: use a self-tanner, remembering that the intensified color is not melanin and therefore the skin is not protected. The sun filters therefore must be used anyway. In addition, antioxidant-based oral supplements can also help to intensify the tan and make the skin stronger."

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