Aeqium, the inclusiveness of equilibrium

Aeqium focuses on skin health and how to restore its equilibrium by promoting a holistic approach that goes beyond individual differences of gender, colour and age.

The concept of equilibrium is at the origin of our mission. With Aeqium we wanted to create something we realised was missing. Right from the start, what we had in mind was a line of treatments that by its very nature would go beyond individual differences of gender, age and skin type and concentrate on what we all share: our largest organ, our skin, and how to restore the equilibrium it needs to function perfectly.

This is a wider concept of skincare that has much more in common with health than cosmetics and uses a holistic approach that considers the body in terms of its various interconnected components.

We have therefore focused all our efforts on this goal of how to restore equilibrium where, for a wide variety of reasons, it is lacking. Lifestyle, pollution, emotional stress and pharmaceutical treatments, are all factors that can contribute to breaking the physical and chemical balances that regulate the correct functioning of our skin. We asked ourselves how to act on this and how to return skin to an optimal condition.

Aeqium means equilibrium

Our skin is constantly subject to external threats, first and foremost because of its own nature. Our skin is an organ with two sides. One faces the outside and the other faces the inside of our body, so it also acts as a filter between us and the surrounding environment. It is our most extensive organ and an interface between ourselves and the world. It is hugely important for our own survival and its main task is to regulate the water homeostasis of our organism.

Because of its double nature, it is subjected to both internal and external changes. Climate, mood, physical health and pollution all alter the way our skin functions and we can see that just by looking at our external appearance.

An organism in equilibrium is the indispensable starting point for healthy skin. By restoring an internal equilibrium, we create a fertile ground that will not only help the skin to restore its physical functions, but also boost the benefits brought by external skincare treatments that would otherwise be ineffective.

The consequences of this rediscovered equilibrium will have clear results in terms of appearance with visibly improved skin whatever your age, gender or colour. Aeqium is for everyone, regardless of an individual’s specific conditions. This is our radical inclusiveness.

Skincare beyond cosmetics

It has never been in our interest to make unreal promises, like stopping or rewinding time. Right from the start, our scientific vocation has given us an objective perspective and a focus on what we can improve by obtaining significant results. Concentrating on re-establishing equilibrium and the correct functioning of our skin, means letting its external appearance speak for itself while visibly improving its state of health, too.

Many current skincare treatments focus on aesthetic performance. They offer a temporary solution, instead of acting on the real reason behind the signal the skin is sending. This awareness has led to us extending our range of action, going beyond what simple cosmetics mean today and achieving improvements that are both evident and long-lasting.

Our skin is a mirror that reflects our health

During the development of the Aeqium treatments, we conducted tests, to assess the efficacy of the products and the total safety of our formulations. The results obtained confirmed that this was the right road to take. In the sample analysed we registered a constant improvement of all the parameters taken into consideration, such as hydration, tone, brightness and elasticity*.

The improvements were registered across all age groups, health conditions, climates and seasons, once again confirming the correctness of a holistic approach that takes into consideration the entire body.

Everything is connected

Even if our skin follows a monthly regeneration cycle, it is continually exposed to degenerative processes caused by free radicals and other factors [link interno art. idrossitirosolo]. With the passing of time, its capacity for renewal diminishes.  And this is where we take action, from both the outside and inside:

  • from the inside, through the use of specifically formulated nutraceuticals that purify the organism to make it more efficient and ensure the skin’s outer layer can benefit fully from skincare treatments; and
  • from the outside, by acting on the epidermis, with effective dermocosmetics, formulated in complete respect of the skin and its real needs. 

For a skincare to be effective and long-lasting, we have to act on both fronts.

* Compound test results - clinical test on Aeqium Face Cream + Face Cleanser + Boost-Purify nutraceutical.

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