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Make-up meets skincare: on the wishlist of make-up artists is boosting the skin's glow. And for the first time, it's not just makeup or illuminants.

To shine like Jennifer Lopez does, who has recently launched a make-up line entirely oriented towards glowing, you need spasmodic attention to pre-make-up facial treatment. We're talking about a backstage secret that the great make-up artists haven't revealed for years: at the Venice Film Festival and the Sanremo Festival, for example, the few who had the right to enter the hotel rooms of the stars to prepare them for the red carpet, knew very well that it was useful to dedicate at least 30 minutes to the skin before applying make-up. They arrived with a bag of frozen gel and an icy spoon to deflate puffiness and reduce dark circles, with natural oils to massage the face and décolleté, and with high-performance creams  to provide that plump touch to the cheekbones. The gestures with which they reactivated circulation were personally studied by each of them, professionals of the stage: they knew that healthy, plumped and luminous skin in the spotlight would give a different energy to their work as artists of color.

In fact, it was precisely this that made them famous among the stars: those who knew how to perform a facial treatment, and did it with the right products in just a few minutes, were continuously recalled and suggested to other colleagues of the jet set. They called it the "Bonne-mine effect", nowadays almost overused by fashion and beauty magazines. It was the intuition of great people, who have now become artistic directors of international Maisons.

The common gestures in these types of massage, still performed as a base in professional make-up, always follow "Langer" lines: virtual lines on which the fibers of the muscle bands are arranged. They are found in many points among which those from the corners of the mouth to the base of the ears, from the cupid's bow to the apex of the external nostrils, from the center of the forehead in a fan shape to the hairline. Using the middle three fingers of your hands, you perform a gentle pressure. But if we want to talk about the "pro" version, we should open a chapter on beauty tools such as Gua-sha stones, shaped minerals to be used with Orient-inspired lymphatic drainage techniques, or such as sonic brushes.

But what happens during the massage? It reactivates the microcirculation and therefore better oxygenates the skin, which speeds up cellular oxygenation and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. In addition, the epidermis becomes more receptive to cosmetics, increasing their effectiveness. Finally, there is the anti-stress effect, which relaxes the muscles and changes the facial expression in an instant.

The formulators of Aeqium Face Cream, to create the right texture, were just inspired by that extraordinary effect of healthy and plumped skin, inserting the right doses of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and hydroxytyrosol. Unlike many other formulas, even luxury ones, Aeqium Face Cream if massaged repeatedly does not leave any residue on the skin and is perfect as a makeup base. Those unsightly fragments that often happen to find on the epidermis, with Aeqium you will never have them: it contains no mineral oils, silicones or petrolati. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and supple. With a unique radiance. 96% of people who have tried it confirm this (clinical tests of the University of Ferrara), and its deep nourishment helps makeup to resist for longer.

Always following in the footsteps of the great Hollywood stars, another aspect not to be underestimated to have a naturally glowing skin is a detox program with dietary supplements to stimulate the liver and gut to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. There are several on the market, but the studies of the Aeqium scientific team combined with the high quality of made in Italy production, have given shape to a super effective nutraceutical, which in just two months increases skin hydration by 44% (clinical tests of the University of Ferrara): it is Boost-Purify by Aeqium. With two different formulas for morning and evening, it combines natural draining ingredients such as milk thistle and bamboo sap with pre and probiotics. Together, they act on the equilibrium of intestinal flora, support immune defenses and help fight free radicals.

To light up the skin you don't need special effects, just savoir faire, the right products and good will.

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