Balance is Everything

Stability between elements and harmony between our organs is the basis of our beauty. Let's see together how to embrace the concept of equilibrium, both by choosing the right cosmetic system and by learning about how the link between what we ingest and what we see in our mirror works

Atmospheric, chemical, thermic. Balance can be many things. There is also the budgetary one, the political one or, better known, mental or physiological one. Equilibrium is all around us, in every area of life, from small molecules to the largest organizational systems. It dominates everything, guaranteeing peace and serenity wherever it is established. That's why it's important for our beauty, too. The close link between skin and gut, for example, suggests that an imbalance of intestinal flora is reflected in a short time on the face with problems that start from a simple dehydration and arrive at acne, rosacea and eczema.

For the scientific team of Aeqium, the challenge was to identify the best natural molecules capable of acting positively on the whole skin system, and therefore also on the gut microbiome that influences its health status. The solution exists: nutraceuticals with prebiotics, which nourish the "good bacteria" and promote their presence, and nutraceuticals with probiotics, which are precisely the living microorganisms. All to be combined with a skin-bioaffine face cream and respectful of its nature.

It is also true, however, that each person has their own microbial signature, a unique fingerprint determined by our gene pool and partly formed at birth. It is then modified over the course of a lifetime by various factors such as diet, the environment, where we live, the air we breathe or even the objects or people we come into contact with: for example, just swimming in the ocean can temporarily change our microbial signature.

This microbial identity card is the focus of the work of our Aeqium team of physicians, much of which was presented at the last meeting held in Treviso, Italy, on November 9.

«The beauty of our skin is 50% attributable to genetics, but the rest is a mirror of what we eat, and the result of what we experience on the outside,» explains Giuseppe Salvadori, phytochemist at Aeqium. «If something is wrong at the skin level, there is always a relationship with the gut or liver. That's why it's helpful to also consider these two organs in an integrated In&Out wellness journey».

Fabio Brunetta, Aeqium cosmetic formulator, also thinks so: «It is the imbalance caused by exogenous factors that accelerate aging. Since childhood, the skin has been subjected to stress that accumulates over time, year after year. Even emotional stresses, which cause micro-alterations of the skin barrier and the formation of wrinkles, spots and sagging. »

Reason why in Aeqium cosmetic system have been included elements such as vitamin D and C that, together, support the immune system produced in the gut and also help to fight skin micro-inflammations caused by cold, impurities, stress and UV rays.

Science has shown us in several researches how our microbiome and external aggressions are directly related to the appearance of some signs of aging. It is up to us to intervene and bring everything back into balance. And the Aeqium line of dermocosmetics and nutraceuticals is a team working together to restore skin to its perfect point of harmony. Each active ingredient collaborates with the others for a synergistic action that amplifies their effectiveness. Everyone helps each other, protects each other and together they give their best for a single goal: our beauty.

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