The era of synergy. Outer and inner skin wellness

Unity is a strength: the social mindset born in the last year also applies to cosmetics. Everything can and must be part of a system, and everyone works for the common good. This is where the In&Out concept starts, linked to the esposome (environmental and lifestyle factors which impact our health and skin) and the effect on our microbiome.

By now it's science: the beauty of our skin depends on the health of our gut and the correct composition of its microbiota, i.e. the set of bacteria, viruses and fungi that populate it, and that apparently weighs about a kilo, as much as our brain.

But since our body is a sophisticated interactive system, the most interesting biological computer that has ever existed, it can happen, especially in historical periods like now, that it goes haywire, altering its balance. This can lead not only to dermatitis, dry skin, acne, psoriasis or other conditions, but also to bloating, irregularities and other intestinal discomforts. With a consequent fallout on the mood, because biochemical substances such as serotonin and dopamine, responsible for feelings such as euphoria and satisfaction, are produced in the intestine.

To find out how much our "control unit of interactions and connections" is in trouble, there are several tests and analysis that can be requested: "There are few and they help to give a guideline on the general situation", explains Dr. Elisa Bernardi, expert nutritionist and member of the scientific team of Aeqium. "Kits like Wellmicro and NatrixLab can be suggested, they can be found in pharmacies or online. The principle is based on stool samples analysis. They range from bacterial population to calprotectin, zonulin to parasites. All in a preventive form or for disease screening." They can be a good starting point for addressing so many different types of imbalances.

"When we notice acute manifestations of imbalance, however, it is especially important to modify our daily diet and intake of certain nutrients for a period of time," continues Dr. Bernardi. "In acute phases we should generally avoid dairy products, gluten, legumes, solanaceous plants (such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers), quinoa and goji for at least a month. I say one month because it is the time needed for the intestinal barrier to start renewing itself and therefore to recover. The foods mentioned, in fact, contain inflammatory acidifying proteins, where by "acidity" I do not mean gastric acidity, but renal acidity and therefore depurative. The foods we ingest in this "re-start" phase should be 80% alkaline, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, and only 20% acid, such as meat, fish and refined grains. We will thus achieve a first detox effect".

There is another important point: "Food must be taken at the right time of day. Everything depends on cortisol, the stress hormone that is activated in the morning and should be turned off in the evening. Activities and foods that stress it, such as sports or confrontational encounters or high glycemic meals, should be addressed in the morning. And that's why even supplements are potentially more useful if taken at different times of the day depending on their purpose," continues Dr. Bernardi. The perfect detox diet, therefore, includes: "At breakfast 4/5 corn or rice biscuits with jam, a tea or herbal tea and fresh fruit. At lunch, rice or gluten-free pasta with buckwheat or millet. At dinner fish, meat or eggs, avoiding tuna, mackerel or smoked fish." 

From here comes the concept of IN&OUT, the foundation of Aeqium, linked to both the exposome and the microbiome. For this reason, the scientific team, which includes Dr. Bernardi, has created the two supplements Boost Purify and Genisis, designed in synergy to improve the appearance and health of the skin, but also to restore the balance of the intestinal microbiome.

It is the first supplement system of its kind because it combines pre and probiotics with both natural substances useful for the entire biological system, as well as substances such as collagen and hyaluronic acid perfect for the beauty of the epidermis. "Together with the pharmacological team, we thought of offering a first detoxifying treatment, the Boost Purify, composed of a capsule with probiotics, vitamin D and antioxidant hydroxytyrosol in the morning; and a pill with prebiotics, milk thistle, green tea and bamboo sap in the evening. This alternation of ingredients respects the circadian rhythm and enhances the detox effects on the body." After three months of treatment, we move on to the Genesis supplement which, as the doctor herself explains, "is like drinking lots of fruit and vegetable extracts together, rich in vitamins, carotenoids, anti-aging lycopene, quercitin and flavonoids, combined with highly concentrated collagen". An elixir of life for biological machines as complex as our human body.

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