The beauty gut routine

What is your lifestyle? How stressed are you? What do you eat? The health and beauty of your skin depends on these questions. Find out what to do to shine (and feel good) again.

The body never lies, and the skin even less so, because it tells us, almost always, if something inside us is out of balance. Among the first organs targeted by emotions, the skin also reveals if we are stressed and, increasingly, so does the intestine through psychosomatic disorders and dysbiosis - an imbalance between good and bad bacteria. Both are closely related and the benefit on one organ, can benefit the other as well.

On the contrary, behind a state of intestinal discomfort can drag negative epidermal effects such as lip fever (the most common), poor skin elasticity, but also unhealthy hair, erythema and seborrheic dermatitis, which, only in Italy, affect three million people.

That's why, in addition to a classic beauty routine dedicated to the face, many recent studies recommend a "Beauty Gut Routine" or a personalized diet program for the gut in order to achieve not only better overall health, but also more beautiful skin.

Behind a gut dysbiosis there can be several factors and therefore also a different daily routine. For example, who recognizes themselves in one of these 3 profiles?

Profile 1: Workaholic
You have a stressful life, you work a lot and now, with remote working, your living room is your office and if breakfast isn't at the bar, you start in the morning with milk and cereal or coffee and cookies. In short, a sugar-filled start. Then call the Sushi Bar for a delivery, otherwise it ends up as a sandwich and pasta. And finally, in the evening, how can you not treat yourself to a good aperitif accompanied by appetizers? An almost always alcohol award.

These people need a lot of energy and arrive at the evening tired, exhausted, as well as their guts. On the weekend they can't manage themselves, get organized, because they're too busy during the week. What is needed? Vitamin C to protect cells from oxidative stress, Vitamin D to strengthen the immune system challenged by alcohol and sugar, and an excellent antioxidant such as Hydroxytyrosol to promote tissue regeneration.

Profile 2: Methodical
You get up at 8 a.m., leave at 9 a.m. and stop at 8 p.m., after the usual meal at the kitchen in front of TV. The job has been the same for a long time and this allows you to have a secure life, with precise habits and a walking program established and perfected by the second. The diet is healthy, you're careful to eat carbs and protein in the right dosage, yet you always feel tired and slowed down.

These type of people needs lactobacilli such as Acidophilus or Rhamnosus, which reactivate the gut and endure over time. And they'd also need B Vitamins, including B8 called Biotin, to speed up metabolism and brighten dull skin.

Profile 3: Vegans
Those who prefer a vegan diet accumulate fibers in the gut that are not always "good", and sometimes end up causing intestinal twinges and pain, slowness in cleansing and difficulty in digesting.

In these cases, combining detox and purifying elements such as milk thistle extracts, bamboo sap and green tea contained in Boost Purify Evening can be of a great help in regaining balance.

Obviously, the nutritional agenda will never be the same for everyone, but in approaching skin care with nutraceuticals, we realized that there are several factors in common to all: stress, diet, exposure to pollution. All these factors cause an accumulation of toxins that results in tired, grey skin.

In our Nutraceuticals (Boost Purify and Genesis), we have developed multitasking formulas: not only they do fight skin aging, but they also help the gut regain its equilibrium and protect itself from external aggressions. The Purify and Nourish from within program is simple: Boost Purify for the first three months and Genesis sachets to follow.

Boost Purify consists of morning capsules with probiotics and vitamin D, and evening tablets with detoxifying plant extracts and prebiotics. Genesis, on the other hand, is a natural collagen booster in a sachet that strengthens the skin's biological structure from within with biotin, vitamins and a matrix of plant extracted and biotech antioxidants.

One last piece of advice: breath well. Breathing is an important process which allows you to feel your own body and to become aware of your body, in a short time to bring your mind to reason calmly and rationally. Those who breathes well lives better, and helps to counteract anxiety and agitation in a completely natural way.

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