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The future of our skin is partly written. To read it we need to find out what is the level of skin hydration, the quality of the intestinal microbiome, the characteristics of DNA and whether or not certain vitamins are present.

All these data, according to the most recent nutrigenomics tests on the market (such as Amnia G Skin, Netgenomics and LabQuarantadue), can reveal how our skin will age, obviously excluding exogenous factors such as environmental factors or stress, although excluding improvements due to a proper skincare routine.

Skin hydration is therefore a scientifically fundamental value to keep our appearance young and well taken care off. And now that especially during summer, we must pay the utmost attention to ensuring an optimal level of hydration. It happens in fact that during the day, with the heat, we can lose up to 2ml of water per minute. In addition, it should be calculated that after the age of 40, collagen and hyaluronic acid fibers, responsible for the turgidity of the face, begin to fall by up to 50%, and doing so also decreases the thickness of the skin itself, up to 25%.

This is why the formulas of the best skin care must provide a replenishment of these two substances, or support their natural production.

In Aeqium dermocosmetics and nutraceuticals both are present, which is why during in-vivo tests the University of Ferrara was able to perform an instrumental measurement of increase in skin hydration by 44% and improvement in the skin barrier +32%. Over 90% of consumers reported increase in skin elasticity and luminosity according to self-assessment tests.

The hyaluronic acid chosen by Aeqium for the Face Cream, Face Cleanser and Body Cream, is of the highest quality, 100% safe and of two different molecular weights. To better understand, let's try to imagine hyaluronic acid as many drops of water. Some of them are so big that they cannot penetrate the epidermis, thus forming a moisturizing and protective layer with a long-lasting action; others are so small that they go beyond the superficial layers, reach the structure of the dermis and increase its volume from the inside. The best moisturizing result is obtained when these two molecular weights are well balanced and equilibrated.

Another structural element of the skin is collagen: it is the most abundant protein in our body and is present almost everywhere, even in muscles, tendons, bones, just to name a few, and then in nails and hair. In order for the body to assimilate it from the outside, it must be hydrolyzed collagen, that is, processed into smaller fractions by special enzymes. Once taken orally, it will act in two ways: in the first case it provides bricks to build new collagen and elastin fibers, in the second case it will bind to fibroblasts to stimulate instead the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Our Genesis nutraceutical, made from the highest quality German collagen, does just this immense job, with aesthetically visible results in two months.

Hydration Science has helped to improve other areas of our lives, such as fashion and nutrition. In particular, hyaluronic acid has been used in textiles to create moisturizing clothing lines, or dispensers of hydrogenated drinking water have been designed - water enriched with molecular hydrogen that seems to have a highly hydrating and detoxifying effect on the entire body. 

Either way, the In&Out hydration of our bodies is vital. Especially now, with sun-stressed skin.

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