Health through the skin

Thinking about approaching skin supplements? Let's find out what ingredients to look for, and why taking care of our skin goes beyond just skincare.

In recent years we have seen a surge in the purchase of dietary supplements in Italy, followed closely by other European countries. This is because the niche of supplements intercepts the renewed attention to health and lifestyle, which is part of a broader conversation on wellness, both physical and mental. The numbers speak for themselves: there is great attention to one's health. Especially in Italy, which accounts for 23% of the European supplemental nutrition market share, followed by France and Germany. This means that more than 30 million Italians buy and use dietary supplements more or less regularly. The preferred channels are pharmacies and parapharmacies, but in the last year the online has obviously stood out as the preferred channel, for the choice and also for the purchase.

According to experts, this data is positive because the increased attention to own physical health and the intake of dietary supplements, could help to lighten the burden on the national health system, especially for those diseases for which you can intervene in a preventive manner, in order to avoid subsequent social and health costs, such as interventions and hospitalizations.

We must also take into account the changes in general behaviour that the recent lockdown has brought. At a time when people had reduced access to healthcare facilities and their doctors, they turned to self-medication, with the active mentality of stocking up on products available if a free sales, thus placing the pharmacy at the center of research and purchasing, and the figure of the pharmacist fundamental in this scenario.

But within the supplemental nutrition landscape, there is a new trend that is gaining momentum, also linked to a broader health conversation: supplemental nutrition for the skin. Supplements designed specifically to actively work on the well-being and appearance of the skin are gaining consumer attention. Let's take a closer look at what a skin supplement consists of, and what it can do for us and our skin, what is the mechanisms of action, and what are the most effective ingredients to look for within it.

Skin supplements are not all the same: in order for them to make a difference, they need to contain ingredients that are not only skin friendly, but also in the right amounts to be effective on the skin. Let's take an example: our Genesis supplement has been formulated with a special Collagen-Antiox Matrix, a collagen and antioxidant matrix that contains the correct amount of collagen for it to really work on the appearance and health of the skin. More importantly, it's bioavailable collagen, which means it's immediately usable by the skin to repair itself and replenish its existing collagen reserves, which naturally diminish over time.

A good skin supplement contains hyaluronic acid, to take charge of improving skin hydration from within; vitamins B, C and E to work on skin radiance and elasticity. All of these ingredients are crucial to the well-being of the skin, and healthy skin will show the first signs of aging much later in life.

Other important ingredients to look for in skin supplements are prebiotics, which are soluble dietary fibers that act as nourishment for probiotics, or the "good bacteria" present in our intestinal flora. That's why we chose to include them in our Boost-Purify supplement, along with other key ingredients, such as antioxidants. Our chosen antioxidant ingredient is hydroxytyrosol, a powerful antioxidant molecule found in the leaves of the olive tree. To date, it is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature, an excellent resource to combat oxidative stress damage and free radicals, which inevitably have an impact on our skin as well.

The health of the skin is a fundamental part of the overall health of our body, taking care of it properly is equivalent to taking care of a vital organ, of our own health. This is the reason why we at Aeqium are focused on concepts such as balance, wellness and skin health, in an evolved vision of skincare, which goes beyond cosmetics and appearance.

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