The intelligent and personalized formulas of the future

In 2100, scientists say that age will be just a matter of registry age, because skin will be young forever. Thanks to genetic reprogramming, it will be decided by default when to stop aging and, therefore, how many years to show. If that were the case, love stories like those of Emmanuel Macron (40) and Brigitte (65) would no longer make the news. So would Heidi Klum (48) with husband Tom Kauliz (32).

But for now, these are all futuristic scenarios hypothesized by the American physicist Michio Kaku, followed closely by the theories of William Haseltine, a pioneer in biotechnology, according to which the true essence of life is not our body, but the immortality of our DNA, which continues to reproduce and regenerate for over 3 billion years. But the secret of aging, according to the latest studies, lies not only in our genes but also in our gut and the way we treat it. So much that, according to the British International Longevity Centre, one out of three children born today will live to be 100 years old.

In fact, it has been discovered and demonstrated that health and beauty depend largely on a degree of balance of our microbiome, a heritage of 100 trillion bacteria of different species, personalized just like a fingerprint. It is delivered to us at birth, but during the course of life it can become enriched, destroyed or otherwise altered. And this always has implications for other organs, weight, allergies and our skin.

Even different parts of our body are populated by different bacteria: there are also some on its surface, regulated by factors such as ph, UV rays or climate, for example.

So, what will the cosmetic formulas of the future be? Will they take into account these new discoveries? Actually, they are already doing so with beauty programs that combine nutraceuticals and dermocosmetics: at first purify and rebalance the body from the inside, and moisturize and protect it from the outside. A double In&Out action that sees beauty as the result of synergistic effects.

This is the philosophy followed by Aeqium, with products designed by a team of doctors and experts, then created with the best and most effective ingredients in the world. Starting with hydroxytyrosol used throughout the Aeqium line, a natural substance extracted from the leaves of the Mediterranean olive tree with antioxidant powers ten times higher than Q10. To continue with the Antiox Matrix of the nutraceutical Genesis, a complex rich in natural polyphenols, that could also be called a superfood given its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

How old will our skin be in 20 years? Don't ask Apps like Oldify, which will show you what your face will look like without calculating that in the meantime you can act with new cosmetic and nutraceutical programs. Rather, prove to yourself how beneficial it can be to take advantage of cutting-edge, natural, super-pure actives. Like those of Aeqium. Zero digital effects, just scientific results.

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