Spring: the rebirth of the body and skin

The new season is a perfect opportunity to activate positive changes in the body and skin. Let's find out how to do it in the best way, from the inside out.

The arrival of spring is an exciting time for our body: after the winter doldrums, the increase in daylight and temperature, the green of new leaves and the scent of reborn flowers stimulate the awakening of the body. To avoid an abrupt transition from winter, and to take advantage of all the energy that spring gives us, it is necessary to take care of ourselves and be aware of what happens to us, inside and outside. Many studies have highlighted how changes in humidity and pressure affect the neurotransmitters of the emotional sphere, making us more enthusiastic, but also more anxious. Other studies show that our bodies prepare for the transition from winter to spring with important hormonal changes. The increase in daylight modifies the levels of secretion of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake rhythm and determines the increase in serotonin. Basically, we need fewer hours of sleep, but the excitement can leave us with mild insomnia. Direct exposure to sun rays increases the production of vitamin D and endorphins, making us feel more energetic and inclined to social life. The best way to live joyfully the changes that spring stimulates in us, is to support our body to the maximum, awakening all its functions through a process of dual purification, from inside and outside. Let's see how. 

You need purity. Inside and outside.

To face the stress of the seasonal change, it is important to start a purification process that allows the body to regain balance and efficiency, eliminating the toxins accumulated during winter. In fact, the winter season is characterized by a generally more sedentary lifestyle, a richer diet and fewer times of exposure to daylight and fresh air. There are many effects that this accumulation of toxins can cause. One example is water retention, the phenomenon of osmosis that blocks toxins and water inside skin tissues: legs, thighs and ankles swell and become heavy. The retained liquids are rich in toxins, which pour into the interstitial spaces of the cells, contrasting a correct lymphatic and blood circulation. Toxins are also responsible for oxidative stress, accelerating the premature aging process of the skin, and making it appear dull and lacking in vitality.

Toxins inside the body and toxins on the skin. How to eliminate this problem? With three simple steps that purify both from the inside and the outside:

1 - Regulate your diet: to purify the body from toxins, the first thing to do is to stop taking them in. Reduce the consumption of fatty foods as much as possible and follow a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, in order to take in vitamins and minerals without burdening the digestive processes. In spring, fruits and vegetables taste even better! Drinking more water is another fundamental act: by drinking about 2 liters a day, we can maintain the right level of hydration and properly expel toxins through fluids.

2 - Choose the right supplements: nutraceuticals are excellent allies to stimulate and support the organs involved in the disposal of toxins: intestine, liver and kidneys. The best mix of supplements combines purifying phytoextracts with probiotics, enabling the rebalancing of the intestinal flora.

3 - Dedicate time to cleansing: deep cleansing is essential to remove toxins, dead cells and impurities that, being on the outer layer of the skin, make it look duller. Beware, however, of the rebound effect: the imbalance in sebum production caused by the use of overly aggressive cleansers damages the hydrolipidic layer and forces the skin to produce even more sebum to compensate. To avoid this problem, all you need to do is to choose an effective yet gentle cleanser that purifies the skin while fully respecting its hydrolipidic film. Discover Aeqium Face Cleanser, formulated in full respect of the skin and with maximum tolerability.

Purify and protect. The mantra for this spring

Supplements and nutraceuticals are a great way to boost and purify the body. But what should we look for inside them? Below we list some key ingredients.

Milk thistle: it is the prince of detoxifiers, an excellent hepatoprotector. Its main active ingredient, silymarin, has an "anti-venom" action on the liver. It improves the digestive, hepatic and depurative function of the body and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is particularly suitable to purify from environmental toxins.


Antioxidants: they are fundamental to fight free radicals, that are responsible for the oxidative process that degrades the cells of our body. Many ingredients, such as green tea or red fruits, have an antioxidant property. In Aeqium nutraceuticals, for example, we have included one of the most powerful antioxidants known today, hydroxytyrosol. Extracted from the leaves of the olive tree, it is an incredible ally for the overall health of our bodies and skin. It protects our organs and fights oxidative stress while protecting us from possible inflammatory states.

Echinacea: the active ingredients extracted from this plant act as a natural shield for the body, thanks to their immunomodulating properties. In fact, they have the ability to strengthen our internal defenses. In addition, echinacea has high anti-inflammatory properties, making it a valuable support to counteract inflammatory processes even at the skin level.

Probiotics and prebiotics: the first ones are bacteria that are "friends" of our body, because they promote the balance of our intestinal flora, by fighting harmful bacteria and toxins. It is possible that at certain times of the year, such as seasonal changes, stressful events or medical therapies, our gut undergoes alterations and our intestine gets into a state of dysbiosis, an imbalance in the bacteria present within it. In this case, it can be very useful to take oral probiotics, which provide with an external support in regulating intestinal functions and strengthening immune defenses. Prebiotics, on the other hand, are substances present in food that are not absorbed by the body, but are used by the bacterial flora, hence the probiotics, to obtain the specific nutrients necessary for their functioning and growth.

With all these ingredients we can provide excellent support to our organism and skin, which is why we have put them all in just one product.

Boost-Purify has been formulated to be complete, effective and safe: it is a nutraceutical that activate a deep purifying action on the body and on the skin. Just what our body needs for this spring.

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