Self-care and emotional health: two allies of your beauty

Taking care of ourselves is an important part of our wellbeing. How to do it? We can start by rediscovering the value of positive emotions. And their effects on our skin.

Sometimes we only take care of ourselves in the spare moments between work, family and friends, considering it like a treat we give to ourselves every now and then. If you think that this is not enough, you're in good company: self-care is becoming a trend and a collective awareness. Millions of people are realizing that taking care of themselves cannot be an occasional activity, but it should be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Because even if we might have everything we want, it's hard to be emotionally and physically balanced if we don’t dedicate enough time to ourselves on a regular basis. But what is self-care, and how is it practiced? Its area of application is very broad, covering spiritual-meditative, sports, social, food, and beauty care activities. However, forget rules and schemes, there is no recipe for everyone, because self-care is closely related to small daily actions that have the power to make us feel good, and everyone has their own. Sometimes it can be a beauty routine, for some it can be reading a newspaper for 10 minutes before starting work. For others it may be entering a sacred place and enjoying the silence.

Self-care can improve your emotional health

Taking time for self-care will remind you and others that your needs are important too. Having a well-groomed body will have the immediate effect of boosting your self-esteem and conveying to the world that you appreciate yourself. Furthermore, if you take care of yourself on a regular basis, you'll find yourself questioning what makes you feel good, and to answer that you'll need to listen to your emotions. This is a crucial self-analysis, allowing you to manage negative emotions and develop positive ones, which have an effect on physical health, as suggested by some studies ("How positive emotions build physical health" Kok et Coffey, 2014). More positive emotions also means more beauty: because our appearance, our facial features, body posture, the color of our complexion, the plumpness of our lips, are mirrors of our emotional state. If we are in emotional balance we will have a more harmonious posture and a healthier appearance. And if we experience very positive emotions, we light up with a beauty that transcends aesthetic canons, symmetry and measurements: we are beautiful because of the energy we radiate around us. Tonino Guerra once wrote: "Air is that light thing, which is around your head and becomes clearer when you laugh". But it's not just a matter of beauty: emotional health extends life, as suggested by studies showing that emotionally and spiritually healthy people live longer lives ("Spirituality and Mortality" Chida and Powell, 2009).

How to experience more positive emotions?

There are some useful suggestions for expanding your range of positive emotions, but you must remember that emotional health does not mean being in a good mood all the time. It's about preparing yourself to deal with and manage the good times and the not-so-good times that will inevitably come. 

1. Practice emotional self-regulation: emotions can get the better of you, but learning strategies for dealing with them allows you to manage them without exploding into abnormal reactions. Some emotional coping strategies are simple, like keeping a journal or meditating. Why not start now?

2. Exercise: spending time on physical activity nourishes both emotional and physical health. All it takes is 20 minutes a day of some type of physical activity. Don't say you can't find the time.

3. Strengthen social connections: connecting with others can have powerful effects on emotional and physical health. Staying in touch with loved ones is an important support when facing challenges.

4. Self-awareness: a growing body of research links mindfulness with lower emotional reactivity and greater satisfaction in interpersonal relationships. A simple practice can be focusing on one thing at a time or trying a de-toxification from social media.

5. Quality sleep: sacrificing sleep makes you more vulnerable to stress and anxiety. A 2017 study ("Shorter sleep duration and repetitive negative thinking" J. Nota, Coles M.) showed that being sleep deprived leads to more repetitive negative thoughts. In addition, being overly tired makes one grumpy and emotionally reactive. No one enjoys relating to a grumpy person, right?

    Positive emotions on the skin

    The skin-experts who formulated Aeqium have studied extensively the interconnections between positive emotions and the activity of skin cells. Today we know that the skin is an extremely sensitive organ, with its own memory and intelligence, because it has receptors similar to those of the brain, and is literally able to "feel" stimuli that go beyond the sense of touch. For example, the skin can smell, and it reacts to brain impulses related to our emotional states. If we're happy, our skin knows it. And it feels good. The impact our emotions have on our skin is being studied by a new discipline, psychodermatology, in which dermatologists and psychologists study the role that stress and emotional states play in skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, hives, and dryness. In 2013, a research ("Nonpharmacologic management of psychodermatologic conditions," Fried G.) showed that patients who followed a self-awareness program while undergoing phototherapy treatment for psoriasis needed 40% less exposure to ultraviolet light than others. That’s the power of emotional health.

    Now that self-care is slowly becoming a trend, Aeqium is designed to be an integral part of a lifestyle of self-care and emotional health. Being confident in your skin through a treatment that improves its health - not just its appearance - increases your self-esteem and emotional balance. Taking a nutraceutical twice a day, setting up a daily beauty routine where you caress your skin with silky textures in a luxurious beauty ritual is more than beauty care. It's a way to say to yourself: I'm taking care of myself. I'm happy today.

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