Skin Minimalism, when minimalism is good for the skin

The minimalist approach finally comes to skincare. Skin Minimalism, or Skinimalism, is now here to take care of your skin in a few targeted steps.

How many times have we found ourselves making room in our closets, getting rid of the clothes we don't wear, or that "don't give us joy" as Marie Kondo teaches? At the beginning of every season there is this rite of passage that consists in getting rid of what we don't use or that no longer corresponds to our style. A habit that has become more and more popular in recent years, due to a growing interest in “minimalism", which proposes a simpler lifestyle, surrounded by fewer material objects, and therefore with less waste. A lifestyle that gives us back our living space, freeing it from accumulations of useless things.

But what happens when this attitude is applied to skincare?

In recent years, k-beauty (korean beauty) has been a hit proposing a skincare routine which consists of 11 steps: from the most liquid to the most creamy, the products are layered one on top of the other, to ensure lasting hydration and better absorption of the treatment. But such a routine isn't for everyone: it doesn't suit all lifestyles, requires a certain amount of product knowledge, and most importantly, a willingness to commit to a rather lengthy task every day. It was only a matter of time before its counterpart was rediscovered and put into practice. Lately, in fact, the beauty community has started to talk about skin minimalism, or skinimalism, a term that describes an essential approach to skin care routines. What exactly does it consist of?

Skin minimalism, as the word itself suggests, is based on minimalism: the skin has few needs that can be largely satisfied with the use of a few effective products, included in a quick and minimal routine.

What makes this approach a winner is undoubtedly the ease with which it adapts to the busy lifestyles of many of us, finally offering us an alternative to complicated and time-consuming routines that involve the use of many products, often similar with each other. But skin minimalism, or skinimalism is much more than this: it means above all a more targeted and intelligent routine, made up of a few essential products, aimed at achieving a result.

At this point we might ask ourselves: but does skin minimalism work? Can a minimalist routine really give results on the skin?

Here's our answer: absolutely yes, as long as you choose the right products. Minimalist skincare doesn't simply mean using a few products randomly chosen from the shelves of a perfume store. It means taking the time to listen to your skin, understand what it needs, and then turn to targeted, truly effective products that enhance your natural beauty.

In this, Aeqium is a pioneer: we have chosen to bring to Italian premium skincare a minimalist approach that was missing. Our ingredients are powerful and effective, our products are intuitive and formulated to work holistically on the skin. We were able to achieve the very high standards of efficacy and sustainability we set for ourselves, creating a line that takes care of the skin of face and body effectively and in just a few steps. Our products are able to act both immediately and over the long haul to give skin everything it needs to be at its best.

Giving everyone healthy and balanced skin, that's our idea of skin-minimalism.

Everything else is just cosmetics.

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