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Il Grande Inverno
The Great Winter

It's almost time for the italian legend to come true. Are you ready to protect yourself from the most known thermal shock of the year, without risk...

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Glow & the city
Glow & the city

Make-up meets skincare: on the wishlist of make-up artists is boosting the skin's glow. And for the first time, it's not just makeup or illuminants.

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L'equilibrio è tutto
Balance is Everything

Stability between elements and harmony between our organs is the basis of our beauty. Let's see together how to embrace the concept of equilibrium,...

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La beauty gut routine
The beauty gut routine

What is your lifestyle? How stressed are you? What do you eat? The health and beauty of your skin depends on these questions. Find out what to do ...

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A lezione di Cronobiologia
A lesson in Chronobiology

To be at its most beautiful, your skin needs different attention and products in the morning and evening. Here is a calendar to print and stick on ...

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Luxury tour in Italia
Luxury tours in Italy

The places of Aeqium beauty There are places that regenerate mind, body and heart. And Alla Reitsma, co-founder of Aeqium, knows this well: while ...

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La fonte dell’eterna giovinezza
The source of eternal youth

The future of our skin is partly written. To read it we need to find out what is the level of skin hydration, the quality of the intestinal microbi...

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La salute passa dalla pelle
Health through the skin

Thinking about approaching skin supplements? Let's find out what ingredients to look for, and why taking care of our skin goes beyond just skincare...

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