5 tips to follow for a post-holiday detox!

Five good habits to adopt to cleanse your body and skin after the holiday month.

Panettone, pandoro, and nougat; as well as toasts, dinners, and Epiphany treats: December is the month of joy, festivities, but above all it is the month to make exeptions and break a few rules. How relaxing it is to enjoy a few extra treats without paying too much attention to the scale for a few days! And no more guilt, which, like every year, knocks on the door after the sixth of January, ordering strict diets based on bread, water and three-hour long workout sessions.

As always the secret to any healthy lifestyle is balance. Avoid hasty decisions or exasperated choices that might be unsustainable in the long run and could cause a vicious cycle of binge eating and fasting, with consequent weight fluctuations and nervousness. A gradual recovery, made up of good and healthy habits, is far more appropriate and suitable to be taken with us well beyond the month of January.

We from Aeqium have identified five of them, capable of detoxifying skin, body and spirit and give you the boost you need to start the year with the right foot.

Are you ready to find out about them?

One step at a time

The first piece of advice is simply this: let’s not stress ourselves out. Adopting extreme habits or abruptly changing our diet and daily routine, just out of the anxiety of seeing the needle on the scale drop in just a few days, is not only unhelpful, but could also become a major source of stress, which is really inconvenient at the beginning of a new year full of plans and positive goals. A set of choices that are too drastic (such as skipping meals, completely eliminating one or more food groups, working out seven days a week) would also be difficult if not impossible to maintain in the long run, and could lead to frustration, nervousness, and undue stress. It is better to stick to gradual changes and good habits that can be carried on over time.

Restorative sleep

In addition to weight, another aspect of our health that is affected by the vacation’s overindulgence is definitely sleep: unbalanced rhythms, lots of afternoon naps, going to bed late at night (perhaps even weighed down by too much food which results in poor rest) and waking up at midday. Reclaiming a good sleep schedule is an assured way to start the year on the right foot, but more importantly for the successful implementation of new habits, to ward off stress, regulate appetite and replenish energy.

Eat the rainbow

The common thread of the Holiday season? Definitely culinary dates, made up of hours and hours spent at the table between one course and another. And the results can be seen on the waistline: in fact, traditional dishes are rich in carbohydrates, fats, sodium and sugars, elements that, in excessive amounts contribute to increased an fat mass and bloating. Then how can we purify the body after the holidays? Definitely not by fasting, but by bringing to the table complete and balanced dishes, made up of carbohydrates, protein and fiber. After the holidays, it would be wise to prefer a predominantly plant-based diet (ever heard of Veganuary?).

The trend of embracing avegan diet in January) based on fruits, vegetables and legumes rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. And don’t ban carbohydrates, our main source of energy. Instead, go for whole-grain pasta, bread, and rice. A tip to avoid binge eating? Start the meal with vegetables, because the fiber that they contain helps satiety.

Move more

Here’s the good news, you don’t need to lock yourself in the gym: the ideal workout to lighten up after December’s overdoings is aerobic exercise, to be performed for at least 40 minutes per day from two to three times a week. Some of the recommended disciplines are brisk walking, cycling, but also fun sports such as moderate cross-country skiing, marching and rowing. Possibly combined with an active lifestyle and daily choices such as using the stairs instead of the elevator, parking the car farther away, or going out with your dog for longer walks. Anything as long as it activates endorphin production, detoxifies the body and kick-starts the metabolism. To complete the sports program, then, you can combine some toning exercises and a necessary warm-up and stretching session in order to prepare the body for exercise.

An extra help for the body

Last but not least, hydration also plays a crucial role in good detox habits: in fact drinking enough helps the body draining the excess salt introduced with cold cuts, meats and large meals, and cleansing the body from alcohol of the various December toasts. To eliminate excess fluids and stay hydrated, it is essential to consume about 2 liters of water a day. If we fail to drink only water during the day we can compensate with herbal teas or infusions or by eating water-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits.
And for extra help, go for supplements and Nutraceuticals based on probiotics and plant extracts such as green tea, milk thistle and bamboo sap.