The Face Cleanser

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Skin care begins with skin cleansing.

The Face Cleanser is unique for its dermo-affine formula free of allergenic substances and aggressive surfactants, such as SLES and SLS, which can damage the skin structure, causing dermatitis and redness.

It cleans by affinity and not by contrast, ensuring deep cleansing while leaving the skin fresh, relaxed and hydrated. That’s why our Face Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and easily irritated.

Gently cleanse, purify and renew your skin.



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    I took the sachets with collagen and multivitamins. I have only been using it for 2 weeks but already I seem to see a more even skin tone.
    They are high quality products, I felt very comfortable right away
    I tried face and body cream because it was recommended by friends. I found it very good
    I bought the Genesis sachets as I had already tried it with excellent results. I live by the lake and often expose myself to the sun, even while walking, so my skin also needs nutrients from within and in one solution I find everything I need. My skin on my face and body looks softer and relaxed. More nourished, a great result!
    Es una maravilla. Repito seguro
    I bought the face cream and I am having a great time. My skin is more moisturised and firmer. I recommend Aeqium as a safe product for sensitive and dry skin like mine.
    I bought Boost purify I think it is a good product. I've been taking it for 17 days, but so far I have to say I'm satisfied. Maybe I will do a review after I finish 3 months of treatment. After these two weeks my skin seems to be brighter, slightly more moisturised. I had chosen this product because for some time I had seen my skin tired, dull, with many imperfections. After a 3-month treatment with antibiotics, I needed to repair from scratch, purify my body and bring it back into balance! I hope to get results and be able to recommend the product to my friends.
    I tried your products because I was intrigued by what a colleague had told me about her positive experience with Boost Purify ... and I wanted to try it too! What can I say!? Outstanding! I've suffered with psoriasis for 10 years and I see a clear improvement! Fantastic! Finished the Boost treatment, I have already taken the Genesis!
    I have used all products and they are outstanding, especially when used in combination with each other. The skin feels brighter and more elastic. Top!
    I have been using both supplements for a little over a month now. I feel that my skin is more moisturised, more comfortable and above all 'purer'. The products are a bit expensive, but having had the opportunity to take advantage of an offer, I will do the treatment for three months, as indicated by the company, hoping to intensify the results.
    I chose the product Aeqium because it was recommended by a friend. I also want to treat my skin well from the inside using supplements. I am seeing more relaxed and moisturised skin. I would recommend Aeqium to all my friends who wish to treat their skin thoroughly.
    I was looking for a treatment that at the same time deeply moisturises but does not grease. The Aeqium cream meets my needs exactly and combined with the supplements makes my skin shiny, moisturised. I am very satisfied.
    I have been using the nutraceutical Boost-Purify for about ten days now and I have already noticed an improvement in my intestines and an effective purifying and draining action within the body. This product was recommended to me by my surgeon. Having undergone treatment with radiotherapy, I want to renew my skin by purifying it from within. I visited the website and looked at the components and properties and immediately liked these products.
    I have used all the Aeqium products and chose them to cope with cancer treatment; they have helped me to keep my skin soft, nourished and radiant and also an excellent intestinal balance. I recommend these products because they are very effective and you notice the results right away.
    I chose the complete Discovery Set kit on Instagram. I used it to take care of my skin, which has been reborn beautifully. I am very satisfied with the set that contains all products of In&Out skin care ( including supplements to take morning & evening to purify the body from inside) and face & body creams. So, a complete set to come to the spring with a glow and serenity to start a new season. Thank you Aeqium ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™
    I have tried the whole line......I have mature combination skin and I am very happy with the supplement.
    I am trying with the make-up remover kit, face cream, body cream and boost purify , after 15 gg the skin is softer to the touch, the one on the face maybe not nourished enough, the supplements showed improvement at the intestinal level . Recommended by a doctor
    I use the face and body cream daily , make my skin more moisturized and elastic.
    Recommended by a doctor friend, I've been using it for a few weeks now and already I can feel the skin fuller and firmer.
    Excellent detergent
    Face cream, no problem but my skin looks younger
    I have been taking Boots-purify for a few days now. I bought it after seeing your site ,looking at the ingredients of the products and reading the reviews. I can't talk about visible results yet but after finishing the treatment I will post the results. Mine is mature skin that has not much wrinkles but sagging. I am pleased with how my order was processed. Received in a few days. Box containing the two boxes very nice and really liked the samples. I recommend people to visit the site and look at the products.
    It's only 15 days that I am trying the whole series of products, I reserve more time to give a full judgment
    I chose Boost-Purify, I am satisfied with it, and I recommend it.
    I have been using Boost purity, for about twenty days. I feel more energetic, which is why I recommend it.
    I tried the pills and the face cream with amazing results!I tried it because it was recommended
    I discovered Aeqium products in April 2021and have been using them all ever since. I used Boost Purify and body cream first because I needed to have healthy and moisturized skin. I also use the cleanser the face cream and genesis as an alternative to Boost. It is my friends who ask me what I use to have such glowing skin and so much energy in my body
    I am using the Discovery set, I think it is still too early to make a judgment
    In my opinion, the supplements work
    I ordered the boost-purify nutraceutical already experienced last fall. The results on the radiance of the skin and the general state of the body have prompted me to take it again this year
    I am using "boost purify," suggested by the senologist
    I tried aeqium face cream and noticed an improvement especially in skin firmness. I chose it because I have sensitive skin with a tendency to impurities, and since I have been using this cream I have not had pimples and I noticed an immediate improvement in my complexion. I would recommend it because it is very natural in composition and has a fairly immediate effect in skin firming as well.
    I started the Boost Purify treatment less than a month ago and have already been complimented on my improved skin; me who always had problematic skin even before I became a cancer patient. The supplements are a concentrate of active ingredients and antioxidants, and they also include prebiotics; this product a true elixir!
    I tried the facial cleansing products and creams and found that with do not make my eyes water as I unfortunately often do with other product
    I don't remember the names of the products I chose. I purchased the box for a 15-day treatment
    From the first use, your cleansing milk has made my skin more effectively cleansed and unexpectedly radiant. A pampering for my face, thank you Aeqium!
    I am using the collagen sachets and I am very satisfied with the results, the skin is brighter and tighter. I recommend this product.
    Good morning. Until now I have been using Nutriceuticals and I must admit that my skin is brighter and tighter. I have been using the collagen supplement for three months now after using the purifying supplement. I would recommend them to my friends because my skin exposed to the sun ,with protection 50, acts as if it never was. It's radiant, firm and I've also noticed an improvement in the fine lines around my eyes. I am very satisfied.
    I bought the facial cleanser intrigued by the presentation of the product and its excellent reviews. I really like it: it cleanses and leaves the skin soft and moisturized. The scent is mild and there is a lot of care in the product.
    I bought the facial cleanser intrigued by the presentation of the product and its excellent reviews. I really like it: it cleanses and leaves the skin soft and moisturized. The scent is mild and there is a lot of care in the product.
    After one month of treatment super soft moisturized skin
    Hi, I tried the body cream the only one that can nourish my menopausal skin.
    I started about 10 days ago the boost purity routine, very nice packaging and in the package there were also cream samples. It all looks very very good.. We will see in a month or so.
    I chose the face and body cream. The former to moisturize and nourish, and the skin is definitely softer and more velvety; the latter to nourish my facial skin, which is prone to dryness: in addition to being more moisturized, the face is visibly brighter and relaxed
    From the Aequium line, I tried the facial cleanser and face cream. The cleanser is a caress to the skin: it cleanses it deeply, without attacking it, leaving a soft feeling and a brighter face. The cream, nourishes without leaving a trace of heaviness and quenches the skin. After trying it, even once, hard to go back to the old cream. I first used the products while I was undergoing chemotherapy treatment and felt that I needed something special for a harshly tested skin. My dermatologist, she recommended Aeqium: an unexpected resource. A brand to know.
    I tried the body cream was recommended to me by my doctor and a very good product
    I am trying "Boost-Purify," and I chose it to help my skin that is dry and dull. Since I have been using it, my skin looks brighter.
    I have tried all of Aequium's products now since last July. I was intrigued by a report I read in the Corriere della sera and wanted to try qs in/out treatment. I have no particular problems except those related to age (I am 70 years old) and some allergies. The results for me were great: the "from within" treatment improved the tonicity of the whole body. I also convinced my husband to use nutraceuticals and told some friends about it.
    I chose Genesis because I had a fast unintended weight loss resulting in a face marked by wrinkles,and I have been using it for a short time but it seems to be doing its job
    So far I have been using the capsule supplements and I must say that I have noticed a crazy improvement in my skin so much so that I have also purchased other products that I will gradually start trying.
    Following a friend's recommendation, I purchased all the Aeqium products. Facial cleanser, face cream, body cream, Boost-Purify and now I am taking Genesis. I have been very happy with both the dermocosmetics and nutraceuticals. I recommend them.
    I am using the collagen sachets and I am very satisfied with the results, the skin is brighter and tighter. I recommend this product.
    I purchased the boost purify and body cream. I chose it to solve the problem of dry skin on the advice of a doctor. I recommend it because within 2 weeks I have already seen results that no other cream has ever given me
    I purchased the body cream and collagen supplement pouches.... After a few weeks of use, I must say that the combined effect is amazing...the skin looks tighter and also feels smooth and firmer to the touch. The passage of time and various weight changes have challenged my skin but Aeqium has really found a magic formula! Recommended by those who have "tried many" and are now finally satisfied ๐Ÿ™‚
    "Facial Cleanser": great, cleanses thoroughly gently; "Face Cream": nourishing, leaves skin supple and cared for; "Boost-Purify": helps improve skin texture and balances the interior; "Genesis": a mix of vitamins essential for skin balance and otherwise. They were recommended to me by my sister who used them. Aeqium helps the skin and body all-around, the products are great allies to fight stress and aging.
    I am 55 years old and needed to restore elasticity and radiance to my skin
    I chose Aeqium Boost purify because it was recommended by my nutritionist... and after 40 days of use I can already see the benefits: more hydrated skin, I have more energy... very satisfied๐Ÿ˜Š
    I chose boost purify and the skin feels more supple and radiant from the first days of use
    The skin is brighter and more elastic
    "I tried as first time your box set in July and I was amazed at the change in my skin. Upon returning from vacation I bought the regular box and since then I never leave your products that improved my skin complexion the texture I am satisfied I encourage you to continue. And I recommend all ladies to try and I am sure they too will be happy with the result THANK YOU"
    I just turned 70 and was looking for an innovative anti-aging formula.

product detail

Effective but gentle cleansing

In the Face Cleanser we have abolished any trace of elements that are harmful or potentially harmful to the health and well-being of your skin. Instead, we have enriched it with moisturizing active ingredients, soothing substances and powerful antioxidants: developing a special dermo-affine formula capable of ensuring effective yet gentle cleansing on all skin types, even sensitive, dehydrated and easily irritated skin. A perfect recipe to give equilibrium to the skin. Starting with cleansing.

how to use it

How to use it and how to activate the balance of your skin

Apply the product to wet skin, massage gently in circular motions for few minutes, then remove excess with a cotton pad or, if you prefer, rinse with fresh water. If necessary, repeat the cleansing twice to remove any residual make-up.

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detergente_ con il comfort di una crema

A cleanser with the comfort of a moisturizer:

its creamy texture gently cleanses the skin while providing all the necessary elements to nourish and hydrate it, giving you a unique feeling of freshness, comfort and well-being immediately after cleansing.

contiene hlc4

Contains HLC4:

our compound of highly technological active ingredients that has a global action in hydrophilic and lipophilic skin areas. It combines the properties of hydroxytyrosol, double molecular weight hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and vitamin C.


Clinically tested real results

visibly improves the state of the skin barrier, increases skin hydration and elasticity, reduces age-related imperfections. Dermatologically tested by the University of Ferrara.


What there is.

Extracted from Mediterranean olives, it is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world, twice as effective as coenzyme Q10. What’s more, it also has anti-inflammatory, anti-stain and anti-melanogenic properties. In addition, our advanced extraction process allows it to be extracted in high concentrations, making it even more effective.

Also known as Vitamin PP, it is an almost miraculous vitamin with multiple properties. It is moisturising, due to its ability to improve the protective function of the epidermal barrier. It is anti-ageing because it stimulates collagen production. It brightens and lightens, making it ideal for cases of hyper-pigmentation.

It is a key antioxidant because it counteracts oxygen free radicals, in collaboration with vitamin C. It also performs other important activities, such as anti-inflammatory, moisturising and anti-erythematous.

A special oil-soluble vitamin C with a great ability to be absorbed by the skin. It has a powerful brightening and anti-ageing effect and promotes collagen synthesis. Most importantly, it interacts with vitamin E, enhancing its antioxidant activity.

Hyaluronic acid is a super-hydrator that regenerates the skin’s structures. ts high molecular weight form allows it to remain on the epidermal surface, forming a moisturising and protective layer with long-lasting action.

Unlike hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight, it manages to overcome the superficial layers of the epidermis by exploiting its infinitesimal weight. This is why it guarantees a moisturizing action, at a deep level, which lasts over time.

Has a soothing and moisturising action. It accelerates and stimulates cell regeneration processes, helping to repair the skin. t counteracts the over-production of sebum, eliminating the shiny appearance typical of oily skin. Its anti-ageing action is phenomenal and can smooth out even the finest wrinkles.

It has an emollient and anti-inflammatory action and is a concentrate of energy for the skin, because it is rich in vitamins and fatty acids, substances that are indispensable for maintaining a toned and elastic skin. In addition, its high vitamin E content makes it a valuable ingredient for its smoothing, antioxidant and moisturising action.

It is extremely useful in regenerating damaged skin as it accelerates healing and tissue repair. It removes dead surface cells, smoothes the tissues and brightens them. It can even lighten skin spots and scars, and reduce redness and irritation.

Ideal for its moisturising properties, which it expresses by stimulating fibroblasts and the neo-synthesis of collagen and elastin. For silky smooth skin.

It has great emollient and moisturising properties and is also effective as an anti-itch agent when the skin is very dry and flaky.

Aqua, glycerin, dicaprylyl carbonate, C14-22 alcohols, coco-caprylate, ethylhexyl palmitate, cetearyl alcohol, Butyrospermum parkii butter, coco glucoside, disodium cocoyl glutamate, squalane, Macadamia ternifolia seed oil, 1,2 hexanediol, tocopheryl acetate, allantoin, niacinamide, Olea europaea fruit extract, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, hydrolized hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, C12-20 alkyl glucoside, sodium phytate, sodium gluconate, sodium stearoyl glutamate, xanthan gum, hexamidine diisethionate, tocopherol, lecithin, citric acid, ascorbyl palmitate.

What is not there.

Without mineral oils
Without dyes
Without alcohol
Without allergy-causing preservatives
Without ethoxylated emulsifiers
Without BHT and BHA
Without synthetic fragrances
Without lauryl sulphate surfactants (SLS and SLES)
Without silicones
Without petrolatum
Without phthalates
Without parabens
Without PEG
Without Triclosan

Clinically proven results


skin wellbeing
in just 15 days


of hydration
and elasticity in just
60 days


of customers
is satisfied
of the product


observe a visible improvement in skin hydration and comfort

simbolo aeqium


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Beauty from within.
And from the outside.

Whatever your skin typeis, Aeqium works from the inside out to give you what you really want: your most beautiful skin, at any age.

Whatever your skin typeis, Aeqium works from the inside out to give you what you really want: your most beautiful skin, at any age.