Healthy skin: your skin in equilibrium.

Our idea of beautiful skin is bound to the concept of healthy skin. If you think about it, healthy skin is vital, hydrated and radiant. It is the best skin you could wish for, at any age. Such skin needs an organism in perfect balance. And we have created Aeqium precisely to give you that equilibrium. Because it acts from the outside with dermocosmetics that nourish and purify the skin, and from the inside with nutraceuticals that stimulate all the functions that have a direct influence on its wellbeing. With Aeqium your skin will regain its balance while you enjoy the confidence of having truly radiant skin.

Francesco Balestrieri


If eyes are the mirror of the soul, then our skin is the mirror of our organism. This is why we have created solutions that act on your skin’s equilibrium to give it health and vitality.

Aeqium, science for skin health.

Dermatologists, cosmetologists, nutritionists, cosmetic surgeons, oncologists, chemists and biologists have come together to create Aeqium, because our skin is a complex organ that is affected by the balance of the whole organism. Only a team of specialists with different skills can satisfy this requirement. If a person has beautiful skin, it is because they have made specific choices regarding their diet, lifestyle and skincare. How can we answer those who ask us for more beautiful skin? Aeqium is our response. And it is scientific.

Nicola Balestrieri

Co-Founder, surgeon

As a doctor I have learnt to read skin. Our skin says everything about us. When a person changes, their skin changes too. It tells our story through its wrinkles, folds, tone and firmness. Often it screams at us, saying: “I need equilibrium.” Only science can give us an effective response.

Italian beauty.

We are Italian, so Aeqium was dreamed of, conceived, formulated and tested in Italy and it is produced here too. Inside it there is all the sense of beauty, taste and excellence that our land is famous for: the colors and the scents of the sea, the equilibrium of Botticelli’s Venus, the lines and performance of a Ferrari and the elegance of designer fashion. Landscapes, art, design, fashion, architecture and technology: all this inspired and drove us to create refined, advanced dermocosmetic solutions.

Scientific heart, Mediterranean soul.

We searched for a formula that would give your skin the equilibrium and beauty of Mediterranean faces and bodies. We examined hundreds of molecules. It was like travelling around the world. Some of our most effective active ingredients come from the Mediterranean diet, like hydroxytyrosol from olive trees and vitamin C from Sicilian oranges. These are powerful antioxidants, whose efficacy has been amplified and enhanced by the expert application of science and combined with the best actives identified in our research, such as prebiotics, probiotics, niacinamide, hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid. Aeqium is a high technology version of Mediterranean beauty. Dedicated to your skin.

Alla Reitsma


Our treatment philosophy binds beauty to the concept of equilibrium. High technology active ingredients and ancient Mediterranean plants. My idea of skincare could only have been born in Italy