Pure and effective.
The science of ingredients.

If you love skincare, like we do, you probably want to know all about our ingredients. You will therefore find out that they are not just ingredients, but active ingredients which act at a cellular level and are present at the threshold value, or rather in just the right amount to achieve the maximum effect. They are pure and highly effective, like our hydrolysed collagen, which combines purity with an advanced formulation that allows rapid absorption. All our ingredients are like this. Only the best, only the purest and only those backed up by scientific research can enter an Aeqium pack.


increase in skin wellbeing

Giuseppe Salvadori and Josef Peron

Pharmaceutical chemists

We grow the plants ourselves to reduce the number of production stages. Harvesting the plants fresh and processing them immediately is essential to obtain a highly efficiency active ingredient.

Team work. The science of formulations.

There are multiple active ingredients in every product, because restoring skin equilibrium requires teamwork. And every active ingredient works together with the others in a synergy that amplifies their efficacy. Like the four active ingredients in our HLC4 compound that combines the hydrophilic properties of double molecular weight hyaluronic acid, hydroxytyrosol and niacinamide with the lipophilic properties of our special vitamin C, to maintain an equilibrium between all the components in the skin’s cell structure. All our active ingredients help each other, protect each other and give their best, together. To better protect your beauty.


to soothe irritations

Dermocosmetics & nutraceuticals. The science of multiplication.

We want to restore your skin to its state of natural equilibrium and beauty. Super dermocosmetics are just the first step. To multiply their power, we have integrated them in a global treatment that embraces your skin from inside and outside. This is the Aeqium science of multiplication: nutraceuticals and dermocosmetics act in two stages of purification and nourishment and are formulated right from the start to ensure they operate synergically. The result is more than a cosmetic effect. It is a real improvement in the health and look of your skin.


increase in hydration

Equilibrium for all skin types.

Sensitive, acne-prone, oily, dry, mature: skin problems are nearly always connected to a lack of equilibrium and any treatment that does not rebalance the entire system, treat a symptom, but not the cause. Aeqium offers all kinds of skin the elements they need to restore equilibrium. And it does this using ingredients that are naturally present in the skin’s life cycle, like lipids, glucides, vitamins and polysaccharides. The result is a dermo-affine skincare that is immediately in harmony with your skin. Your skin recognises, accepts and absorbs it.


of people with more elastic and luminous skin

Fabio Brunetta

cosmetic chemist

Skin has olfactory receptors through which it senses aromas, and it has a memory, too, based on cells similar to those in the brain. So, creating a skincare treatment is like talking to an extremely sensitive person.