The Discovery Set

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15 giorni che cambiano la pelle

In 15 days many interesting things can happen to your skin. It can rediscover its equilibrium, soothe irritations, improve the efficiency of its skin barrier and state of hydration. How do we know? Because these are the results of the tests conducted by the University of Ferrara, which were carried out in 15 days with the regular use, twice a day, of the same products you will find in our Discovery Set. Our face cleanser, face cream, body cream and Boost-Purify nutraceutical will accompany you in a journey towards better, healthier, more beautiful skin.


Doses tested for results in 15 days: the compositions are backed up by the clinical tests conducted by the University of Ferrara.

Dermocosmetics + nutraceuticals: in a single set, the products for a skin treatment from the inside and outside.

Travel format: if you are off on a trip, our mini-sizes are the ideal travel companions.

It contains:

Discovery Set Dermocosmetics
The Face Cleanser (15 ml)
The Face Cream (15 ml)
The Body Cream (15 ml)
Discovery Set Nutraceuticals
Boost-Purify (15 morning capsules + 15 evening tablets)
Activate your skin equilibrium

The Face Cleanser: apply it to wet skin and rub it in gently for a few minutes, then eliminate any access with a cotton swab or, if you prefer, rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

The Face Cream: to achieve the best result, apply it morning and evening on your face, neck and cleavage, having first cleansed them carefully. Rub in gently until it has been completely absorbed.

The Body Cream: Apply to cleansed, dry skin after showering or as part of your daily routine. Rub in gently until it has been completely absorbed.

Boost-Purify: take 1 Boost-Purify Morning capsule in the morning before breakfast and 1 Boost-Purify Evening tablet in the evening before dinner. Both should be swallowed with a glass of water.

Beauty from inside. And outside.

Whatever your skin type, or your age, Aeqium works from the inside out to give you what you've always wanted: your skin at its best. THE TREATMENT